World Vision & Chandra Active

World Vision staff member, Ms. Nirumon Sawaengvit, visited one of our Phuket retailers, Gloss, and presented Chandra Yoga & Active Wear with a poster to thank us for sponsoring 725 meals for children.

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Our Leggings - the Makings

When it comes to producing great looking and feeling leggings that have strength, yet flexibility, are washable without losing elasticity and so many other qualities that we wanted to include in all Chandra Yoga & Active Wear Leggings, there are a lot more items involved than simply designing and making them.

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Chandra Yoga & Active Wear is very excited and pleased to announce the launch of our new website,! Our homepage was designed to have a bright outlook, as all of us positive and health-minded individuals strive for, with a clean, fast, user-friendly and easy to navigate site.

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