When it comes to producing great looking and feeling leggings that have strength, yet flexibility, are washable without losing elasticity and so many other qualities that we wanted to include in all Chandra Yoga & Active Wear Leggings, there are a lot more items involved than simply designing and making them.

Taking a couple steps back, it makes sense to mention why we wanted to get into the active wear and athletic gear industry in the first place. Having purchased many leggings in the past from popular, boutique and mass-market brands, there were always some specific nuances about the various leggings that were interesting, like how come some can hold such great resistance to washing in both color and stretchability while others don’t, why are only some leggings perfectly matched the pattern designs at the seams, what fabrics stay soft yet pliable after washing, why are some prices so much different, etc?

These questions carried their way to a host of other questions and concerns and the more that we looked into the reasons, the greater our understanding grew and being fans of great looking leggings, we decided to produce what we felt was the perfect combination of qualities for our leggings. These qualities include investing in the right materials and blends that allow for multiple washings while maintaining the color and elasticity, utilizing professional pattern designers who are able to understand the dimension requirements of the human body to make the look and fit just right, producing patterns made for real bodies, cutting the material correctly to allow the designs to align properly, pricing the products reasonably for their high quality, and donating from the profits to a charitable organization that supports children so that every sale actually makes a real difference!

This was the start of our leggings and we hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as we love both wearing and making them! It’s actually also a lot of fun in addition to all the hard work, and at the end of the day, when we get to see all the social media posts of our customers wearing and enjoying our leggings we know that we have met our goals!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

Best regards,